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As far as possible Bellbird Construction is committed to conducting its business in such a manner as to protect the environment and health of its employees. In 2018 Bellbird joined the Superhome Movement as a long-term commitment to the sustainability of our construction industry. Jonny is very passionate about the environment and the footprint we leave on construction sites and at home. We are all morally obliged to endorse eco-conscious principles.

In order to achieve this we will:

  • Endorse sustainable construction methods during the design phase.
  • Encourage passive heating throughout the home or commercial building.
  • Ensure to the best of our ability that all materials are used and applied in an environmentally friendly manner according to manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Provide all employees with appropriate training in Government regulations and company procedures regarding the use and disposal of waste, as well as the safe handling and application of materials.
  • Dispose of all waste according to regulatory laws and regulations in a responsible manner.
  • Ensure there are NO incidents of misuse and inappropriate disposal of waste that does not comply with statutory or company requirements, and implement preventative measures to minimise the risk of occurrence.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations.
  • Conduct an environmental programme to ensure adherence to company and regulatory requirements.
  • Involve and consult employees, Government authorities, regulatory bodies and customers to identify improved waste disposal.
  • Plant a tree for every project we are involved with.
  • Involve clients with Eco Policy site requirements.
  • Comply and Maintain Sectionate Site Controls.

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